Acting Against Aging Testimonials

The quotes below are from a questionnaire about our actors' first impressions after a performance:

"...I was insecure about performing in front of an audience. As time went by, with your help, I began to gain more confidence.. When it became time to actually perform, I found I just 'lost myself in the role' and forgot my fears...I have recieved so much praise and positive feedback. A great deal of praise should go to you for your vision, your hard work, and all your efforts. You were always encouraging and patient with me..."
-Rebecca C. ( age 93 )

"I learned that I enjoyed acting and that I could perform pretty well. My first reaction was that Acting Against Aging was a gimmick...but once we were in the activity of acting, we knew it was different. It was inspiring intellectually, physically, mentally and psychologically...:
-Bill K. ( age 93 )

"At my first audition, I was somewhat shy and apprehensive about being judged by my peers The audition turned out to be anything but was fun! At my performance, I was a real actress. I had learned so much in the rehearsals; it was a thrill I had never anticipated. I am still basking in the experience, the time spent in this 'different-from-the-ordinary' activity is enticing and an asset to growth as an individual."
-Gert F. ( age 93 )

"Thank you for a most rewarding experience. I feel it encourages people who think they are past their prime to realize they can actually present themselves to others in such a positive way."
-Helen S. ( age 95 )


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